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“My real passion is telling a story.”

“My personal mission is to inform and inspire, educate and entertain.” Kevin Tumlinson


Kevin Tumlinson has a long-standing career in film, television, radio, and podcasting.  His popular podcast, the Wordslinger, is downloaded each week by thousands of listeners. He is known as the Voice of Indie Publishing—a title he’s proud to hold—as he has helped thousands of new authors grow their self-publishing careers. He is the head of marketing at Draft to Digital.

I asked Kevin Tumlinson about:

  1. his own books (i.e., award-winning archeological thrillers)
  2. what D2D, Draft2Digital, offers Indie publishers
  3. Marketing
  4. his podcast (i.e., Wordslinger)

One – About Writing

Kevin started writing at the age of 5 and never stopped. As a kid he would record stories onto cassette tapes, using his bathroom as a sound studio.

His number one tip for writers is: “Write every day, every single day.” Make it part of your routine, make writing time sacred.

The best choice of occupation for writers is copywriting as it teaches writers how to write fast, meet deadlines, self-edit and market.



Two – About D2D

The core principle of D2D is to make publishing so easy, a writer can focus on writing.

Tumlinson calls Draft 2 Digital The Easy Button for Indie Writers

There is an abundance of free tools available at D2D to help you go from a word document to an electronic and/or print book. You can also start audio books there.

Going Wide

Tumlinson believes “going wide” is the best, long-term practice for writers. There are many markets outside the reach of Amazon that other platforms, such as Kobo, target so by going wide you can reach more readers. Also, you need to consider that having all your books in one basket has its risks for you and for the industry.

Author Pages

The author pages on D2D are easy to manage, well-organized and informative. You can use one as your author webpage if you’re just starting out. There are no ads on the page. It’s all about you and your books.

Click here to see my author page.


On your author page, your books automatically arrange themselves in “series” carousels, according to the metadata you submit for your books. You can manage these carousels yourself, as well. For example, you can add a “Holiday Carousel” or a “First Book Free Carousel.”

Universal Book Links

Instead of having to list all your links, you can now register a UBL, a Universal Book Link, created by D2D. It’s pretty slick. You can even customize its name, so it is easy to read and remember. My book, A Highland Ghost for Christmas, for example, has the following UBL:

What About Money?

You can make more money going directly to each platform (e.g., Kobo, Apple and Amazon) but working with each one separately is a lot of work, and tracking your sales is a nightmare. D2D aims to make it easy for you to get your book out there on multiple platforms of your choice.

Why D2D is Different

Unlike Amazon, which is an enormous search engine that sells everything under the sun and is run by algorithms, D2D is a bookstore run by a group of Indie authors. They know what we need, and they work hard to make it happen.

Three – Marketing

The number one marketing tip he offers is that content marketing is the Indie author’s marketing tool of choice. He suggests leveraging content that relates to your stories to draw readers to your books.

Four – Podcasting

The key to success in podcasting is breaking down the process into systems. Know your goal, target your audience and make it easy for yourself by having systems you can rely on.

Contact Information:


Kevin Tumlinson is an award-winning and bestselling thriller author, with books available in hundreds of countries worldwide. With a long-standing career in film, television, radio, and podcasting, Kevin is a seasoned world traveler, and has produced documentary programming and films ranging from historic aviation to military history. His debut thriller novel, The Coelho Medallion, was a 2016 Shelf Notable Indie award winner.
Kevin’s popular show, the Wordslinger Podcast, is downloaded each week by thousands of listeners, eager to learn from guests that include New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors, Fortune 500 professionals, and industry leaders and entrepreneurs of all types. He is known as the Voice of Indie Publishing—a title he’s proud to hold—and he has helped thousands of will-be and new authors build and grow their self-publishing careers.

Kevin’s love for history, archeology, and science has been a tremendous source a material for his writing, feeding his fiction and giving him just the excuse he needs to read the next article, biography, or research paper. He lives in Texas, but works in random coffee shops, cafés, and hotel lobbies around the world.

My Review of The Girl in the Mayan Tomb

If you like the adventures of Indiana Jones, you’ll love this book. It’s an action-packed archeological thriller, filled with strong, well-defined characters that had me sitting on the edge of my seat from the first word to the last. There are many things I like about this story, but I’ll focus on one. The story opens when a young boy discovers the location of an ancient archeological site; that event captured my imagination and from there I was hooked.
I’m looking forward to reading more in Kevin Tumlinson’s, Dan Kotler series. I highly recommend The Girl in the Mayan Tomb to readers who like thrilling, archeological adventure.

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Back Blurb:

When Broadway star Maggie Hamilton disappeared five years ago, it was a mystery that captured the imaginations of everyone. When her body turns up in the tomb of a Mayan god, it opens the door for an evil that could consume the world.

Dan Kolter and Agent Roland Denzel are back, and just in time, as a new threat emerges that could mean the end of all humanity. A mysterious figure has his sights on the contents of a lost Mayan tomb, and Kotler and company will need to use all of their resources, intelligence, and any luck they may have to keep an ancient curse at bay.

In this fourth full-length adventure, Dr. Dan Kotler faces off with the most clever death traps the Mayan culture ever conceived, using his wits and his skills to keep himself and everyone else alive.

Even if he escapes the Mayan tomb, it could be too late.

If you would like more information about D2D, check out this podcast on the Stark Reflections podcast:
The Three Co-Founders of Draft2Digital, by Mark Leslie Lefebvre.

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