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Hybrid author S.G. Wong is a member of The Writers Union of Canada, the Writer’s Gold of Alberta and the past president of Sisters in Crime, Canada West. She writes alternate history, speculative fiction.
S.G. is a remarkable speaker. I met her at a Sisters in Crime Conference where she spoke about making book marketing manageable. Today we’re going to talk about the hot topic of marginalization of minorities in books.

Show Notes

  • even calling a group a “minority” is marginalizing
  • the importance of learning about the culture and life of the individuals through interviews
  • sensitivity edits, what they are and how they work
  • “inclusivity” vs “diversity” – words matter

Devil Take the Hindmost

This is my most recent novel release, from 2016, Devil Take the Hindmost:

A simple job. A den of thieves. A woman committed to the truth.

It’s a straightforward case: find a missing husband who spends his days examining stamps. Still reeling from recent tragedy, however, PI Lola Starke wants to pass altogether, more so since her ghost, Aubrey, insists it’s the perfect case to ease back into things. But the wife is adamant that something bad has happened. What’s a shamus to do—especially when the missing man works just down the hall?

But straight ain’t in the cards, not in the middle of a high-stakes business deal involving the City’s most powerful film studio, a wily gangster, a rival PI…and a rare stamp. When her client is kidnapped, Lola discovers just how far down the twisting path she’s willing to go to save the woman and her missing husband.

This is the ’30s and this is Crescent City, where gangsters and thieves are thick on the ground and the film studios are the biggest game in town. Where smiles hide secrets and good intentions mean nothing. Where the only question is, what will it take to be last woman standing?

Contact Info

Twitter: @S_G_Wong


S.G. Wong writes the Lola Starke series and Crescent City short stories: hard-boiled detective tales set in an alternate-history 1930s-era “Chinese L.A.” replete with ghosts and magic. She is a Whistler Independent Book Awards nominee and Arthur Ellis Awards finalist. As an avid reader since the age of 7 and a current professional writer nerd, she’s always geeking out on all sorts of genre reads, as well as on worldbuilding, historical research, and the latest publishing industry blog post.


As always, Canva

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