Here is my schedule of episodes:


Date Guest Topic Episode
04 Me Behind the Microphone BSW000
  Me The Digital Revolution BSW001
11 Stephanie Spicer A Voice Over Actor Talks About Audiobooks BSW002
18 J.C. McKenzie Science Geek to Writer BSW003
25 Abigail Owen An Author Helping Authors BSW004
02 Suzan Tisdale #GetLoud #StayLoud BSW005
09 C.J. Hunt Helping Authors BSW006
16 Bonnie Edwards Sex on the Page BSW007
23 Willie Nikkel Homicide Detective to Author BSW008
30 Eileen Cook Coaching Conflict BSW009
06 Anne Janzer Why Brain Science is Important to Writers BSW010
13 Janice MacDonald Genre Fiction, the Poor Cousin at the Table BSW011
20 S.G. Wong Marginalization of Minorities BSW012
27 Sharon Ashwood Christmas Stories in a Dark Paranormal Universe BSW013
04 Julie Howard Building Community BSW014
11 Mary Buckham Multiple Stream Incomes for Writers BSW015
18 Mimi Barbour Boxed Sets BSW016
25 A group Christmas Special Celebration BSW017


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