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Abigail Owen – An Author Helping Authors BSW04_180925

“…writing is a calling, a passion. Don’t let the industry take that away from you …. It can be tough to hear all the “no’s”. To get back edits...

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J.C. McKenzie: Science Geek Turns Author BSW003_180918

“Do you ever wonder where writers get their ideas? Today I’m talking with J.C. McKenzie, who is a High school, math and science teacher by day and an urban...

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Stephanie Spicer, A Voice Actor Talks About Audiobooks BSW002_180911

The audiobook market is exploding and narrating stories is an exciting and rewarding career.  Intro “Welcome to Episode 2 on Blood, Sweat and Words. Today, I’m interviewing Stephanie Spicer,...

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Navigating the Digital Revolution BSW001_180904

The digital revolution is changing all aspects of our lives. We’re in the middle of a seismic change for mankind, unlike any that has come before.  What does that mean...

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All About Jo-Ann Carson BSW000_180904

Hi, from Vancouver Island, Canada. My name is Jo-Ann Carson. I’m a fiction and non-fiction writer, blogger and podcaster. In this episode I’m going to take you behind the...

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Welcome – BSW

Welcome to the home of Blood, Sweat and Words, a podcast about writing today. My name is Jo-Ann Carson. I’m a fiction and non-fiction author, blogger and podcaster. There’s...

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