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Welcome to the home of Blood, Sweat and Words, a podcast about writing today. My name is Jo-Ann Carson. I’m a fiction and non-fiction author, blogger and podcaster. There’s never been a better time to be an author, because the opportunities to share our work is growing exponentially. But it’s not easy. The constantly-changing nature...

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All About Jo-Ann Carson BSW000_180904

Hi, from Vancouver Island, Canada. My name is Jo-Ann Carson. I’m a fiction and non-fiction writer, blogger and podcaster. In this episode I’m going to take you behind the microphone, introduce myself, explain why I’ve created my podcast Blood, Sweat and Words and tell you what it can do for you. Blood, Sweat and Words!...

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Navigating the Digital Revolution BSW001_180904

The digital revolution is changing all aspects of our lives. We’re in the middle of a seismic change for mankind, unlike any that has come before.  What does that mean for writers? We write differently, publish differently and even think differently. Introduction “Writing is my passion, my super-power and my nemesis. If you write, you know...

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Stephanie Spicer, A Voice Actor Talks About Audiobooks BSW002_180911

The audiobook market is exploding and narrating stories is an exciting and rewarding career.  Intro “Welcome to Episode 2 on Blood, Sweat and Words. Today, I’m interviewing Stephanie Spicer, an extraordinary voice actor. And I mean extraordinary. I know this because I’ve worked with her through ACX. She narrated my latest audiobook, Midnight Magic. It’s...

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J.C. McKenzie: Science Geek Turns Author BSW003_180918

“Do you ever wonder where writers get their ideas? Today I’m talking with J.C. McKenzie, who is a High school, math and science teacher by day and an urban fantasy and paranormal romance author by night. She’s the creator of the Amazon, best-selling dark fantasy, saga, The Carus Series, set in post apolcalyptic Vancouver. She’s...

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Abigail Owen – An Author Helping Authors BSW04_180925

“…writing is a calling, a passion. Don’t let the industry take that away from you …. It can be tough to hear all the “no’s”. To get back edits where all your manuscript is red. It’s tough to deal with professional jealousy …[But] … the folks who hang on the longest tend to be the...

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