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Christine Munro from Kobo BSW026

“Nerd ‘Till I Die” Christine Munroe, “Has the coolest job ever. She leads the KWL business team, helping authors successfully reach millions of Kobo readers around the world. She has a BA and MA in English Literature from McGill University and worked as a literary agent and international book scout in New York before joining...

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BSW 024 Zombie Poetry & Thrillers, Al Lane & Mark O’Neill 20190205

For a change of pace, I’ve interviewed two authors this week, Al Lane and Mark O-Brien.  Al lives in England and Mark lives in Germany. One writes and performs poetry, the other pens spy thrillers. Enjoy. Al Lane I met Al a couple years ago when I took part in the A-Z blog challenge, which...

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BSW 023 – Angela Ackerman, The Expanded Emotion Thesaurus and more

  Show Notes 2012 The Emotion Thesaurus became a best seller the second edition of this book with 55 more emotions can be pre-ordered. It will launch on Feb. 17, 2019. she and her writing partner Becca Puglisi have only met in person 3 times, and the longest time they were together was 48 hours, but...

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Sandra Wickham, Creative Ink Festival

Show Notes Sandra has a fitness competition and mixed martial arts background she’s always been a writer and a reader her first short story was published in Evolve, a Vampire anthology, which launched in Brighton, England at the World Horror Convention, which she attended currently, she’s working on editing three books the one she’s co-writing...

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Donna Barker, Author Ignitor BSW21

Show Highlights Donna calls herself an “author igniter” strong and storied background in writing, mostly non-fiction she’s an accountability and motivational coach, basically working with writers in the stages before the completion of a first draft she also does some developmental editing with non-fiction writers she is working on a non-fiction book called, Your Shitty First...

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Kevin Tumlinson, Draft2Digital, Writing, Publishing and Podcasting_BSW019 1901008

“My real passion is telling a story.” “My personal mission is to inform and inspire, educate and entertain.” Kevin Tumlinson Introduction Kevin Tumlinson has a long-standing career in film, television, radio, and podcasting.  His popular podcast, the Wordslinger, is downloaded each week by thousands of listeners. He is known as the Voice of Indie Publishing—a title...

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The Publishing Landscape BSW019 190101

Today’s episode airs on New Years Day, 2019. I’ll be talking about the publishing world, as I see it, as we enter a new year. I realize for many of you this information is not new, but for others it is, so bear with me. The publishing world functions as a big monopoly game. The...

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Christmas Show 2018 BSW 017 20181225

Welcome to Blood, Sweat and Word’s first, annual Christmas show. Today we are chatting with three Vancouver Island authors: Jacqui Nelson Judy Hudson me – Jo-Ann Carson Sit back and enjoy. Jacqui Nelson Intro Award winning author Jacqui Nelson has a rich background to draw on as a writer. Her love for historical romance with...

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Mimi Barbour: The Success of Boxed Sets_BSW13

Intro I have to make an admission here. I’ve known Mimi for seven years. We live on the same island in the Pacific and share a love of books. She is a cherished friend and a mentor. Who is Mimi Barbour? NYT & USA Today, best-selling, award-winning author, MIMI BARBOUR, has seven romance series to...

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Mary Buckham: Multiple Streams of Income for Writers BSW015_181211

“The stories that each of us has are stories only we can tell. And if we don’t find a way to get those stories out into the reader’s hands, the world is a lesser place.” Intro I first met Mary seven years ago at a workshop she gave on writing active hooks. She blew my...

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