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Welcome to Episode 6  on Blood, Sweat and Words. Today, I’m interviewing C.J. Hunt. She writes contemporary hometown romance set in the fictional Vancouver Island town of Rivers End. Her stories, which are mostly novella in length, have intrigue with a touch of magic.

C.J. is the founding president of the Greater Vancouver Writer’s Association and co-founder of The Creative Academy a business created by authors to help other authors.

Show Highlights

  • created the business Creative Academy with Donna Barker and Eileen Cook to help other authors
  • their on-line community helps writers at any stage of their writing project
  • C.J. loves working with other authors – calls them her tribe
  • there are lots of free resources available on their website www.ccscreativeacademy.com
  • C.J. has offered a special deal for you below (in red)

C.J. Hunt

CJ Hunt a passionate reader and writer of romance. Her body is living happily-ever-after with her lovely game designer of a husband in Vancouver, BC, while her mind spends most of its time with her invisible friends in the fictional Vancouver Island town of Rivers End.

She can often be found sipping some sort of handcrafted cocktail while contemplating how to complicate everyone’s lives just enough that when they get their happy endings, you really feel like they’ve earned it.

CJ is a member of the Vancouver Island Romance Authors and current President of the Greater Vancouver Writers Association: Romance and Beyond. She also sits on the board of directors for the Surrey International Writers’ Conference.

Visit www.cjhuntromance.com/freereads for instant access to your Rivers End romance starter library—including a free subscriber exclusive audiobook!

C.J.’s Contact Info:

website: http://www.cjhuntromance.com
email: crystal@cjhuntroman.com

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C.J.’s Christmas Book

Reindeer Games by CJ Hunt

The MacAllisters of Rivers End #3

“CJ Hunt delivers everything I love in small town romance—sexy heroes, sparky heroines and a warm, vibrant community you want to settle into.” ~Dani Collins, USA Today Bestselling Author 

GINGER LEWIS knows from personal experience that the world is full of bad and dangerous people. She’s been lucky enough to escape her rough past and cherishes her stable work family and lovable bulldog, Max. And she knows better than to try to rescue a stranger in a snowstorm. Especially one with a chiselled jaw, perfect stubble, and 1001 secrets behind those icy blue eyes.

ELI MURPHY, on the run and temporarily homeless, should be glad to spend the holidays stuck in the woods with no cell reception and no one who knows him. The isolation will allow him to regroup and plan his next move. But between the festive atmosphere, cozy cabin, and tempting fake girlfriend, Eli finds himself fantasizing about a future he doesn’t deserve. As the Reindeer Games draw to a close, he will have to come to terms with his mistakes or risk losing Ginger—and the chance to make a real home in Rivers End.

Welcome to Rivers End, where you can forget your troubles—for a little while…

While all the Rivers End stories can be read as standalones, you may want to read each mini-series in order to preserve any plot surprises and get the full picture of how the characters lives weave together! This is the suggested reading order:

The MacAllisters of Rivers End
#1 – Silver Bells (Isaac + Jenna, Beginnings) available for FREE!
#2 – Tipsy (Shannon + Lucas)
#3 – Reindeer Games (Ginger + Eli)
#4 – Wedding Bells (Isaac + Jenna, Happily Ever After)

A Special Offer from C.J. Hunt

and the Creative Academy

If you’re looking for great resources to help you through all stages of the writing, editing, pitching and publishing stages of your writerly journey, head over to https://www.ccscreativeacademy.com and sign up for our free resource room. 
We want to reward go-getters like yourself who are out there doing the research, and listening to great podcasts like this one. If you sign up for annual membership and use the coupon code PODCAST25 you’ll save 25% off your first year of membership to The Creative Academy which gets you access to all kinds of additional coaching and support including moderated writing sprints, blue pencil writing evaluations, query/synopsis feedback, office hours, Q+A interviews with industry experts and more! 

Next Week on Blood Sweat and Words:

Bonnie Edwards, Sex on the Page

C.J.’s Favorite Drink

Aperol Spritz

  • Fill a wine glass with ice
  • Combine Prosecco and Aperol in equal parts
  • Add a dash of soda water
  • Garnish with an orange slice

More recipes from the books on my website – cocktails, cookies + more Jhttps://cjhuntromance.com/rivers-end-recipes/

Jo-Ann’s Cover Reveal


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  1. Jodie Esch says:

    Thanks CJ for your information! Looking forward to meeting you at the next VIRA workshop.

    1. CJ Hunt says:

      I’m looking forward to it Jodie! See you soon 🙂

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