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Mary Buckham: Multiple Streams of Income for Writers BSW015_181211

“The stories that each of us has are stories only we can tell. And if we don’t find a way to get those stories out into the reader’s hands, the world is a lesser place.”


I first met Mary seven years ago at a workshop she gave on writing active hooks. She blew my mind. Every sentence she uttered was pure gold. Since then I have attended several of her workshops. She’s a phenomenal speaker on all aspects of writing craft and a gifted writer. She’s published several series of the paranormal persuasion in adult and young adult categories and crafted a long list of reference books for writers.

And besides all of this, she has a large family. I figured if I wanted to know more about multiple streams of incomes for writers she’s someone I should speak to.

Show Notes

  • there are all sorts of opportunities out there for writers
  • create multiple, inter-related products
  • she writes fiction, non-fiction, creates webinars and does live events
  • the term writer-preneur fits the new reality
  • work less, do more by repurposing content
  • having kids taught her time-management
  • when you finish a book consider how you can enhance it
  • we need storytellers in our world – we need to value them
  • feed  your creative soul with the different projects
  • new writers should focus on craft and then look at the business of writing
  • once you have the craft and business down, then consider going wider
  • “trying and learning” is part of the process – see what works for you


USA Today Bestselling author Mary Buckham learned to get into and out of trouble at a very early age. Time has added to her opportunities—detained by Israeli intelligence; strip-searched by a Greek border patrol while traveling with a priest, sneaking into Laos. When not personally avoiding nuisances caused by her insatiable curiosity she creates lots of disorder in her Urban Fantasy Invisible Recruits series. Her characters at least have paranormal and preternatural abilities!

Her Urban Fantasy series is centered around five women drafted to combat preternatural beings agitating for world domination and combines a fantasy/paranormal element with high stakes and the pace of action-adventure stories. Mary loves creating thrills, spills, and spells as she follows the ups and downs of fascinating characters starting with Alex Noziak, the heroine of INVISIBLE MAGIC, INVISIBLE POWER, INVISIBLE FATE, and INVISIBLE JOURNEY  and Kelly McAllister, the heroine of INVISIBLE FEARS, INVISIBLE SECRETS and INVISIBLE EMBRACE. A prolific writer, Mary also co-authors the young adult sci-fi/fantasy Red Moon series with NYT bestseller Dianna Love.

When taking a break from the paranormal Mary crafts Writing Craft non-fiction including, A Writer’s Guide to Active Setting (Writer’s Digest Books), Writing Active Hooks and Break Into Fiction®co-authored with Dianna Love. If Mary’s not hiding out, find more about her and her writing projects by visiting:

She can also be found on Facebook at

Twitter at

Goodreads at


For information on Mary’s street team, Mary Buckham’s Book Ninjas, go to


As always, Canva

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Julie Howard: Building Writing Communities BSW14_2018


Mystery writer Julie Howard is  a former journalist. She worked as a reporter and editor for publications such as The Las Vegas Review-Journal and The Sacramento Bee, and she wrote for a national news service and magazines. In her reporting life, she interviewed Oscar winners, Emmy winners and top business executives. She also did political writing for three governors in Idaho.

Then came book writing. Julie Howard worked as a ghost writer for a former Hewlett-Packard executive who wanted his memoirs written.

Her first published book, Crime and Paradise,  was released in August 2017 by The Wild Rose Press.

She is a member of the Idaho Writers Guild and founder of the Boise chapter of Shut Up & Write.

And that brings us to our topic today, Building Writing Communities. Welcome Julie …


Show Notes

  • Julie has a rich and varied background in writing
  • Crime in Paradise released in spring 2017, Wild Rose Press, the first in her Wild Crime series – latest release, Crime Times Two featured below
  • founder of the Boise chapter of  Shut up and Write
  • Shut Up & Write is an international organization
  • it has it’s own “method” – you gather with writers of different genres, chat a bit and then shut up and write for an hour
  • not every writing group works for every person – you need to find your own fit
  • lots of benefits to belonging to writing groups

Crime Times Two

Meredith knows three things: First, the man in the library begged her to help him. Second, he was afraid of his wife. Third, now he’s dead.

While the evidence first points to a natural death, Meredith is certain there’s more to discover. People are tight-lipped in this small mountain village, and the man’s wife isn’t talking either. Then a second death occurs, with remarkable similarities. It’s time to talk about murder.

As a slow-burning relationship heats up in her own life, Meredith struggles with concepts of love and hate, belief and suspicion, and absolution and guilt. Nothing is clear cut…

She must decide: Is guilt, like evil, something you can choose to believe in?

Who is Julie?

Julie Howard is the author of the Wild Crime series. She is a former journalist and editor who has covered topics ranging from crime to cowboy poetry. She is a member of the Idaho Writers Guild and founder of the Boise chapter of Shut Up & Write. Learn more at



Julie’s Favorite Drink

Straight Up Margarita


1 fresh lime

kosher salt

2 oz frozen limeade

4 oz water

2 oz Cointreau

5-6 oz top shelf tequila

large handful ice

Wipe rim of chilled cocktail glasses with fresh lime. Dip glass rim in a saucer of salt. Tap glass to shake off excess. Even you don’t like salt, don’t skip rubbing lime around lip of glass.

Combine limeade, water, Cointreau, tequila, and ice in cocktail shaker. Close and shake until frothy. Strain into chilled glasses. I usually serve over ice.

(Note: Don’t skimp on quality ingredients. Good tequila and orange liqueur is a must!)

My question to you:

What is your favorite quote or concept from this episode?


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