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BSW 024 Zombie Poetry & Thrillers, Al Lane & Mark O’Neill 20190205

For a change of pace, I’ve interviewed two authors this week, Al Lane and Mark O-Brien.  Al lives in England and Mark lives in Germany. One writes and performs...

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BSW 023 – Angela Ackerman, The Expanded Emotion Thesaurus and more

  Show Notes 2012 The Emotion Thesaurus became a best seller the second edition of this book with 55 more emotions can be pre-ordered. It will launch on Feb....

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Sandra Wickham, Creative Ink Festival

Show Notes Sandra has a fitness competition and mixed martial arts background she’s always been a writer and a reader her first short story was published in Evolve, a...

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Donna Barker, Author Ignitor BSW21

Show Highlights Donna calls herself an “author igniter” strong and storied background in writing, mostly non-fiction she’s an accountability and motivational coach, basically working with writers in the stages before...

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Kevin Tumlinson, Draft2Digital, Writing, Publishing and Podcasting_BSW019 1901008

“My real passion is telling a story.” “My personal mission is to inform and inspire, educate and entertain.” Kevin Tumlinson Introduction Kevin Tumlinson has a long-standing career in film,...

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The Publishing Landscape BSW019 190101

Today’s episode airs on New Years Day, 2019. I’ll be talking about the publishing world, as I see it, as we enter a new year. I realize for many...

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